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Cities cheapichaelorag ban plastic water bottles Re: "Forget cash for clunkers, the city of kolkata in india, where an estimated 70 percent of residents suffer from respiratory problems, outright banned vehicles older than 15 years last year in august.Officials seized taxis, buses, and almost all of the city's rickshaws. " Anyone know why rickshaws?Is it because the drivers are in the line of fire for breathing in the fumes from the vehicles?Kolkata's rickshaw business was brought to light in the book then made movie, city of joy.These are people powered machines.Much like a bike's carbon footprint would be.Doesn't make sense to me to ban the only"No emission"Vehicle on the road b/c of health? A way for people to deal with plastic bags once already being used is to bring the plastic bags back to the grocery store and have them recycled.The recycled bags go through the entire making process again to then be formed into new plastic bags. On another note, did you know that the manufacturing and recycling of plastic bags indirectly creates between 15, 000 and 30, 000 jobs and helps to accelerate local commerce? While many people claim that banning bags may not hurt you, it would impact more than 30, 000 hardworking families and communities! At a time when national unemployment is between 910% it just doesn't make sense. Perhaps it's because such a low percentage of those bags are recycled.Perhaps because of the texassix plastic islands in the pacific and atlantic oceans.If we did not have to deal with the landfill issues of those bags, governments could use that spare money to open up other kinds of jobs.Are these jobs the best kind of jobs.Or jobs that are just one step from being outsourced to china?We we make a direct correlation between sound ecological policy and job loss, we miss the pointthat these jobs that help degrade the earth are not the only jobs. I understand all of these except smoking in parks.Really?I mean c'mon its outside.Especially in new york?Cause there is nothing worse than taking you baby to the park and or jogging while getting smoke blown in your face.What a bunch of bs.1 cigg puts out about 4.3 ppm of CO, where a car driving by puts out about 200 ppm of CO if they are up to environmental code.So little ol' me sitting in an open park smoking is no where near the amount of cancer causing agents produced by the several thousand cars that just drove by.I am fine with not smoking inside, but outside leave me alone and get real.Way more important things to worry about. 2.Begin to use hemp as a resource for materials. 3.Tax(The hell out of)The companies that make plastic products(Just like they did to put hemp production out of business in the 30s)And hopefully they will all fail. But let's cheap michael kors not kid ourselves.We know money run things in the world, and it's safe to say there is no way hemp will be declassified as a controlled substance even though you cannot smoke it or ingest it to get any form of euphoria as long as major companies whom have a stake in the plastic industry(And it trickles down so the reach is deep)And their lobbyists exist. There are so many things in the usa being made with materials that are and have been destructive to the environment that could be made with hemp production.Of course it would put quite a few big wig companies out of business or at least give them some michael kors uk bags seriously needed competition.As it stands it's either one giant or another that we buy from, i call it a monopolymonopoly. Replacing plastics with hemp would be the best change society could make. (Research hemp as fuel, clothing the most balanced food oil)Polyester clothing sheets will also melt onto the body if ignited.Synthetic bras are even suspected in contributing to breast cancer.Koch industries are one of the biggest polluters of the planet political discourse.There is a list on the web of the brands of household products they manufacture that should be boycotted.City county councils are where local politics are primarily affeced.Pay attention, participate educate.It's the conservative agenda, so out fox them. I thought that too,(When i read that other article on sf banning happy meal toys), but as described in this article, it is more than just regulating people's bad choices, it is also simply a trash problem.They do in fact usually end up in the garbage in 2 days.Maybe they are a big plastic/trash problem the city then has to pay to bury or burn. (? )Don't know.They might have included a 'study' if one has been done. I haven't seen any toys in cereal, like we used to have when i was a kid for a long time now.Burger king used to have the best toys, my boys kept them for years and years, but this year,(Our annual visit)They didn't give out a toy, just some paper promothings.So maybe other companies are stopping on their own. (? )

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